The sales conditions describes the most relevant terms on purchase orders, warranties and returns, transport andcore shipments of Sercore Tech products. It is a general clarification which may bemodified by special agreements.

Purchase orders

Unless the client sends the core, Sercore Tech will charge the tariff price in concept of  “core” for each remanufactured part included in a purchase order.

The ordinary purchase orders should be confirmed by e-mail, fax or our web order service.


The freight charge will be assumed by Sercore Tech provided that the purchase orders exceed the 1.500€ for the Peninsula and Balearic Islands and 2.000€ for Canary Islands.

For orders placed by foreign customers the freight charge will be assumed or not according to special conditions agreed with the customers.


Returns are not admitted 24h after the purchase. Nevertheless, if it were the case it would require an authorization by Sercore Tech and involves a surcharge of 3 to 6 Euros for each part (depending of the material type) in concept of review, repackaging and transport.


The product has a guarantee in agreement with the Directive 1999/44/CE of the European Union. In analogy to the above, such guarantee covers manufacturing defects from the installation date, the remanufactured products, for a period of 12 months or 20.000 Km, and the new products, for a period of 24 months or 30.000 Km.

In order to obtain the warranty right, it is obliged to activate thesame trough the web sight of Sercore Tech.

The warranty claims of Sercore Tech parts will be analyzed and resolved within one month from the date of reception of the same our after-sales department. For each part an expertopinion will be issued trough an evaluation report.

The documentation in response to the guaranties will be sent viaordinary mail. It is convenient to attach information about the behavior of thepart for its correct breakdown diagnosis. Sercore Tech will not accept parts in warranty witch, after its analysis, will be considered to have proper operation and thispreviously arrives to our installations without any documentation.

The not accepted guaranties will stay at the disposition of the customer for aperiod of 70 days from the date of the test report. On the expiry of this period, Sercore Tech accepts no responsibility for the control of the same, and it remains exempt from the obligation of the return of the part.

When a guaranty is accepted, it will be covered with another part of the same part number. Only when this part can not be send a refund will be proceed.

In case you detect any operational problem, please contact our after-sales service. Our professionals will provide you telephone advice which could resolve the problem without the need to return the part.

Delivery and/or core return

The invoiced cores are considered firm sales or in other words property of the customer, and the same return conditions shall apply than any other product, defined in the previous subparagraph of “returns”. They should never be considered as deposits with possibility of return for its reimbursement.

Sercore Tech will only accept the delivery and/or core return when these are shipped for its posterior reconstruction process, in order to make the logistic of core delivery and collection easy, Sercore Tech could advance remanufactured products, invoicing the price of reconstruction together with the core price, and later proceed with the reimbursement of the mentioned cores whose charge has been anticipated.The maximum period that Sercore Tech establish to accept and credit these previously charged cores, is 24 months after the invoicing date, after this period, there imbursement will not be accepted.

Sercore Tech will keep account item by item of the cores charged and reimbursed with each customer. In order to ensure correct compliance with environmental regulations and legislation, only those part numbers will be credited whose difference between charged cores and credited cores results positive over a previously defined last 12 months period from its delivery date.

Contact our administration department in order to request corecollection. A transport will arrive within the next days to pick up the goods and send them to Sercore Tech.

The goods should be adequately packed and identified, specifying the provenance and including a packing list with part numbers. Each core should be packaged within the original package which has generated its return for its treatmentand credit as such, on the contrary it will be considered as scrap.